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Industrial Floor Painting

PT. Mega Warna Lestari is a specialist company specializing in Epoxy Floor Coating / Flooring services in Medan. We serve epoxy floor paints such as in hospitals, parking areas, factories etc.
The painting process is certainly handled by those who are experienced in their fields and use the highest quality paint.

Project Gallery Epoxy Floor Coating PT. Mega Warna Lestari
The list of our Epoxy Floor Coating projects, both completed and currently being handled include:
- Podomoro Deli City Medan (Parking Area)
- Behandle Terminal (Pelindo 1) in the Graha Segara building
- Lippo Plaza (Parking Area)
- Palladium Mall (Parking Area)
- Forum 9 (Parking Area)
- Cambridge (Parking Area)
- Mulia Jaya (Marble & Granite)
- Mikie Holiday
- Majestyk (Bread Factory)
- PT. PLN (Persero)
- Pangkalan Susu power plant
- PT. Siantar Ice Factory (Rhino)
- PT. Gayo Lues Tamoratama (Beverage Factory)
- PT. Universal Indofood Product / UNIBIS (Bread Factory)
- PT. Berlian Eka Sakti Tangguh / PT. BEST (Palm Oil Factory)
- PT. Universal Pharmacy
- Stella Marris Mother & Child Hospital
- Yamaha Alfa Scorpii Medan, Binjai and Marelan
- Etc.

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